Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Quick Observation: Our Potential Emperor Is Exposed

I hope you Conservative & NDP "strategists" grasped the significance of last week's revelations about the Liberal messiah. Two different forms of seemingly innocuous data were released, exposing our potential emperor. We now have evidence of naked ego, entitlement, and most importantly: exploitation. It is Liberal party tradition, embodied in their soon-to-be coronated leader.

Naturally, Media Party reaction has been muted...even complimentary!. So, the task falls on you terrible partisans.

Perhaps you have already thought up a rough composition of the future information campaign. But specifically, I would suggest that particular attention be paid to Trudeau's most vulnerable targets of solicitation. Investigate their particular (I hear, dire) circumstances at the time of his egregious conduct. Also note the personal means of this pampered scion, as he collected an additional inheritance through this virtual tax.

This is misconduct that far exceeds anything Dion or Ignatieff were accused of. If you have done your job, then the 42nd Canadian general election should remain the battle of differing values & substantive policies we now see in parliament.

Earn your pay,
Dan Tan


  1. What are you talking about?

    1. Anonymous,

      If you are employed by the NDP, feel free to contact me. Of course, I will scold you for such ignorance & negligence. And then, I will provide the citations purposely withheld from this article.

      If you are an NDP or Conservative member, I am merely making sure that the employees you fund have not fallen asleep at the wheel. By now, they should know of what I speak, be engaging in research, and have the preliminary theme of a future information campaign prepared.

      If you are a Liberal, I have no interest in aiding your understanding of what should (or will) come. Just pray that all talent left the NDP with the departure of Brian Topp...or all motivation left the Conservatives with the acquisition of power. That would be your only hope.

      Sweet dreams,
      Dan Tan

    2. Will I find out what it is eventually, speaking as a average Canadian?

  2. Anonymous,

    The MSM have already sent the data through their sympathetic reporting/spin cycles. You were likely exposed...but obfuscation & minimization prevented you from appreciating the fatal nature of such revelations.

    As my article hints, there are political "poison pills" in the data that defy any conceivable Liberal defense. I can already imagine a potent line of attack that incorporates personality, the party culture, and contemporary scandals.

    If the government & opposition continue to employ minds brighter than mine...of course you will find out eventually. If the Dion & Ignatieff information campaigns were any precedent, you will find out long before the next general election.

    Dan Tan