Thursday, 30 January 2014

Quick Observation: When Liberals Get Spooked

It was not long ago that some observant men happened to take an interest in Justin Trudeau's interesting personal-enrichment schemes. Spooked, the Liberals attempted to deflect & confuse by burying the various obscenities within a deluge of data.

Now, Auditor-General Ferguson has reportedly taken an interest in Justin Trudeau's friends & mentors in the Liberal senate. Spooked, the Liberals have launched another spectacle of deflection & confusion.

"This morning, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced that all Liberal senators would be removed from the liberal caucus. He then promised to make “non-partisan appointments” in the Senate." - NDP

It was only recently that the Trudeau princeling embraced & defended this cancerous mass of Liberal senators. Today, his royal highness announced that these same senators had been bestowed a cloak of "independence" & "non-partisanship".

These newly "independent" Liberal senators understand that they are being rewarded & shielded, not banished & punished. They will continue to retain their titles, legislative authority, and memberships within the Liberal party. They will continue to barely-appear at work, filibuster popular NDP/Conservative legislation, and fast-track Liberal pet-projects. They will continue to quietly direct their lavish tax-payer funded salaries & resources in-service of Justin Trudeau's Liberal party.

Apart from the effect of deflection & confusion, this royal proclamation is designed to offer Trudeau a sort of "plausible deniability". Should the auditor-general (or any other vigilant observers) happen upon Liberal chicanery - past, present, or future - Trudeau intends "deny!, deny!, deny!" & point to the "independent" affiliation of any criminal ally. In time, the Liberals hope Trudeau becomes so insulated & protected from the corrupt shenanigans of his party - he may genuinely pass polygraph tests & appear convincing in his denials (no more "umm..., ahhh..., ehh..." - they hope!).

Long ago, I warned you that the Liberal culture of corruption & entitlement would only thrive & innovate under Justin Trudeau's unquestionable & "bold" leadership. Today - the Liberals exploit vulnerable charities, schools, and institutions. Tomorrow - they may come to seize the giant and complex money-machine that is the federal government. Do you think such shameless men will shun opportunities to "misplace", "re-direct", or "lose" millions upon millions of tax-payer wealth? Past & present Liberal conduct provides a clear & frightening answer.

Co-operation with these charlatans? The British Liberal-Democrats are being buried for less,
Dan Tan

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Archived Comment: On What Makes A "Mayor Of Toronto"

The following post contains an archived copy of my past commentary on another forum.

"Rob Ford ran for mayor on a platform of cleaning up what he called the "gravy train" at Toronto city hall and standing up for the average citizen against these elites. The strategy was a major success, propelling Ford into the mayor's chair." - Jared Milne

You are an outsider. You view us in abstraction. This distance causes you to misunderstand the electorate & gloss over important facts.

FWIW, I grew up as a nomad in Toronto...moving throughout my school-years from basement to apartments to townhouse. I know these people. They do not live as fixed-units in some poli-sci exercise.

It is ridiculous to talk about Ford's rise without even mentioning the protracted garbage strike that occurred under Mayor Miller's reign. That, more than anything else, propelled Ford into contention. The public suffered viscerally...all the horrible smells & sights. They felt impotent & negotiations dragged on & on.

In Ford, they were offered an opportunity to punish all those who had made them suffer.

This gave Ford an edge, but it did not guarantee him victory. What guaranteed him victory was the abstention of his most credible rivals.

Only two months before Rob Ford's first (and only) mayoral victory, Ipsos polling showed that - had he chosen to run - Mayor David Miller would have earned "a whopping win" against Ford. The poll revealed that the public were disappointed with the quality of candidates on-offer & yearned for a credible alternative to Ford.

Could Adam Giambrone, originally viewed as Miller's protege, have been that credible candidate? As soon as he announced his intention to run, the Liberal-allied Toronto Star crucified him for having consensual sex with women. They even attempted to depict him as a pedophile - deceptively referring to his legal-aged partner as "the student" (she was in college). Giambrone dropped out as quickly as he entered.

This left no-name Joe Pantalone & that disgraced Ontario provincial Liberal George Smitherman to compete against Ford. Actually, there was no competition. The Toronto public chose the devil they knew.

Even before the recent crack scandal, polls showed that when faced with a credible opponent - Olivia Chow - Ford could lose. Now the scandal has erupted & continues to simmer - and Chow continues to dominate.

The competitive 2014 mayoral election should discredit much of the fantasy both the Media Party & Ford's team have sought to perpetuate about Toronto.

"If I view Toronto as an "abstraction", it is one suggested to me by a number of your fellow Torontonians. Let's take a look at, for instance, what Mr. Todd Gordon has to say..." - Jared Milne


My post addressed your claim: "Rob Ford ran for mayor on a platform of cleaning up what he called the 'gravy train' at Toronto city hall and standing up for the average citizen against these elites. The strategy was a major success, propelling Ford into the mayor's chair."

My post argued that it was not the "platform" (tax & service cuts, privatizations, etc.), but emotion & the abstention of credible rivals that allowed Ford his "major success".

In response, you argue (via proxy): "Even if personal support for the embattled mayor may be finally faltering, there is still significant support for his attack on what he describes as entitled and unaccountable city 'elites,' alleged government waste and unfair taxes on 'the little guy'."

So what? Anyone can attack generalities like "elites", "unaccountability", "waste", and "unfair taxes".

There is nothing stopping a progressive mayoral candidate from challenging the "elites" & criminal networks who back Ford's candidacy. There is nothing stopping a progressive candidate from defending "the little guy" whose family suffers under Rob Ford's "unfair" tax hikes, program cuts, & service fees.

What "poses a serious challenge to liberal, social democratic and radical critics" is their insistence on approaching everything in the manner of an academic seminar. Every election is mistakenly treated as some monumental referendum on ideology & policy. Ignored is the cyclical nature of elections, potency of simplistic marketing, and incredible flexibility of the electorate.

This will all be settled in 2014. Rob Ford will run on his "reputation" & recycle his regressive 2010 platform. Olivia Chow will run on her reputation & present a solid progressive platform.

"You talk about "simplistic marketing", but isn't that how Ford and his supporters would attack proposals for new program spending, support for disadvantaged citizens, and what have you? If he frames it all as just more "gravy" for the "elites", how will someone like Chow counter that? Would it become a conflict of who can better stand up for the "little guy" against the "elites"?" - Jared Milne

The specifics of such matters should be discussed within the NDP - and only within the company of those tasked with formulating public engagement strategies. We would not want to gift our rivals too much insight.

FWIW, I can offer you some "zoomed-out" & blurry thoughts on these matters.

In the short term, Chow competes in unique circumstances. She has been gifted advantages & flexibility that few NDP politicians have ever enjoyed. IMO, she will work towards raising a tide that can crash-down & drown-out Ford's shrill voice.

But in the long term, the NDP needs to adopt a broader marketing solution that neutralizes the consistent threats we face. It would involve exploiting vulnerabilities in the very cultural asymmetries & precedents our rivals have established. Once that work is done, voters will be given the opportunity to "touch & feel" policies. Then, you will discover a new asymmetry that exclusively works against our ice-cold rivals.

[Update: Reader "J M" emailed to request source of Miller vs. Ford poll. Post has been updated with link.]

Archived Comment: On the employment of "Media Party"

The following post contains an archived copy of my past commentary on another forum.

"I notice that both you and Ezra Levant make reference to the "Media Party" in your writings..." - Jared Milne

I employ it as a statement of fact.

In the aftermath of the 2011 "orange wave" electoral feat, it dawned upon the Liberal biographer Lawrence Martin that: "Among the country’s major media, the NDP, incredibly enough, does not have a single message supporter...the country’s media proprietors are hardly fans of left-leaning ideology."

In Lawrence Martin's conception, this was a function of Conservative Party bias among media owners. Martin should perform a 10-year archival search of the term "Justin Trudeau". He might lose his mind & start marching the goose-step for Canada's very own "Kim Jong-un". This is a cultural problem that pervades all levels of the industry. Forget idol worship, my journal provides other diverse & representative examples (in both economic & political reporting) demonstrating how deep the problem runs.

"When both sides in an election are fighting for the same message, which one comes out on top?" - Jared Milne

The Conservatives do not contest elections "fighting" against "the Media Party". They simply ignore them. They are busy building up an alternative information infrastructure. Their activists & supporters have been trained in how to handle toxic MSM products.

A prominent & experienced strategist advised the NDP to do similar. The party was even offered an affordable method of introductory implementation. IMO, the idea had merit & someone within the party should be testing it.

You are concerned about overlap? This is a matter of art. There was "BattleStar Galactica (1978)", and then there is "BattleStar Galactica (2004)". The creative mind can take something old & employ it in a new, righteous, and effective manner.